Gifted, Bullied, Resilient — New Book by Pamela Price

Your Rainforest Mind

photo courtesy of GHF Press photo courtesy of GHF Press

Were you ever bullied as a youngster? By other kids? By teachers? By family members? Have your children been bullied?

Rainforest-minded folks may experience bullying for any of the following reasons:

Extra-sensitivity: intense emotional expressiveness (including crying easily), unusual empathy, speaking out against injustice, greater awareness and intuitions,  heightened experiences with sensations such as tastes, sounds, sights, touch.

Intellectual intensity: enormous enthusiasm for learning, fast talking and thinking, tendency to argue for mental exercise, appearing like a know-it-all, correcting teacher’s mistakes, scoring well on tests, answering “too many ” questions in a classroom, being “too smart,” obsessions with obscure or unpopular or complicated topics.

Asynchronous development or 2e-ness: quite advanced in some areas while being average or below in other areas, intellectual precocity along with learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory processing issues (SPD); social skill deficits, especially when communicating with same-aged peers.

Divergent thinking and creative unusualnesses: difficulty with…

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