Telexes and other thoughts.

Imelda Conway-Duffy


In recent weeks, someone said that telex machines are making a comeback; that, in this age of hacking and eavesdropping in the cyber universe, larger corporations have returned to older technology to transmit sensitive data. No doubt, newer models are less noisy and cumbersome than those of days gone by, but being of a wind-up telephone, telex and original mini-skirt era, I was catapulted into flights of fanciful dreams. With a track record of reliability, sensitivity and ‘common sense’ (according to one employer’s reference), and perhaps with a few minor ‘upgrades’ I might be recycled and rolled out for a second spin in the corporate sphere. Or, maybe an intelligence agency? After all, in a previous existence – and barely out of nappies – I had successfully pulled the wool over one interviewer’s eyes.


The newspaper advertisement bore the shamrock logo, over the words, ‘Aer Lingus, Irish International Airlines’…

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