Clocking Up Mileage in the Quantum World

Imelda Conway-Duffy

The Gap 4

Scientists in the Netherlands have just proved one of quantum theory’s fundamental claims: that objects separated by great distance instantaneously affect each other’s behaviour. Non-local such experiments such as this have been going on since the 1970’s as well as experiments to record, photograph and measure the effects of attitude and feeling on water and plants – even at a distance. The Institute of Heart Math in the United States has conducted numerous experiments exploring the electrophysiology of intuition as well as research into heart-brain communication and its relationship to managing stress, increasing coherence and deepening the connection to self and others.

This new experiment, conducted by physicists at the Dutch university’s Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, seems to lend even more credence to the quantum world that is made up from subatomic particles, a world where matter takes form only after being observed and measured.
This creating of matter through…

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