Why are women so mean?

Inspiring words from an amazing woman and mother.

The Flakey Mumma


There are so many pressures placed upon women in society these days and most of these are being caused by other women. We have become a group of people who shame other’s for their differences and these are not valid criticisms, they often consist of insecurities felt by those doing the shaming. I myself am guilty of jealousy towards others, as I think is quite natural, however what isn’t natural is our sudden ability and ultimately acceptance to vocalise our jealousy and receive justification of this on social media platforms. It has become normalised behaviour to spread words of hatred to others and I witnessed this firsthand when a blog chastising a breastfeeding support group (rightly or wrongly) choose to end it with a insulting suggestion that the breastfeeders were most likely disgruntled due to their sore nipples and wonky boobs. Girls are mean, however they don’t need to be…

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