Time’s fool, or the ever fixed mark?

Alchemical Garden: the Body of Spirit

The link we make between love and eternity deserves some attention. We offer a ring as a symbol of our love in marriage, because it is eternal – the ring, in its circularity, has no beginning or end. We promise to love ‘forever’ (although in the Christian marriage service the promise is only until death, interestingly). Intuitively we understand love as being a feature of eternity.

If love is eternal, is it entirely a feature of this world? Is it a created thing? Created things are perhaps not eternal. Created things have a beginning and an end. Love transcends this. Love transcends creation.The Quranic Abraham teaches about this, when he refuses to love the stars, sun and moon for themselves, saying ‘I love not those which set’, in other words, he is directing our attention to the eternal.

And yet love is that which allows us to know life most…

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