The Seasonal Itch

For the last three months I’ve been in a new headspace, in addition to a new physical location.

I’ve edited my life accordingly, making room for the new information and taking up different tools.

I’m finding my world a richer, softer place, as I’m feeling my way through.

As is always the case when learning to practice a new therapy, personal experience is compulsory, and I’ve been enjoying the indulgent introspection.

Yet there’s a restlessness I always feel at this time of year. At an optimal time for reflection, paradoxically, I want to wander and explore.

Perhaps the deeper we go on the inside, the further we are emboldened to travel on the outside?

Yet the further away we move from an object, the greater its pull to draw us back?

What was once the ‘new’ in our lives has now become the familiar.

The unknown is the only real new; the familiar a tenuous construct in which we take refuge, a false sense of security.

If we take the moment-to-moment creation of inter-related experience as our steering wheel, our courage as the accelerator, and our experience as the gear stick, we can choose the view  through our own windscreen.









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