Dear Gifted Child

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Dear Gifted Child,

I know this comes as too little too late, but I still feel the need to apologize to you. I hope you can forgive me. I now realize how much I let you down. It’s no excuse, but I can now admit that I did what I did because I wanted to fit in. I thought I’d found my place at the time. All I can offer is….

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know that by asking you to redo work over and over due to careless mistakes that I was doing you a disservice. I thought I was helping you to think more (even though as a child myself- I was frustrated the same way).

I didn’t know that by asking you to work in a group without easing you into expectations and supporting you with social skills, I was increasing the pressure you already felt (even…

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Gifted, Bullied, Resilient — New Book by Pamela Price

Your Rainforest Mind

photo courtesy of GHF Press photo courtesy of GHF Press

Were you ever bullied as a youngster? By other kids? By teachers? By family members? Have your children been bullied?

Rainforest-minded folks may experience bullying for any of the following reasons:

Extra-sensitivity: intense emotional expressiveness (including crying easily), unusual empathy, speaking out against injustice, greater awareness and intuitions,  heightened experiences with sensations such as tastes, sounds, sights, touch.

Intellectual intensity: enormous enthusiasm for learning, fast talking and thinking, tendency to argue for mental exercise, appearing like a know-it-all, correcting teacher’s mistakes, scoring well on tests, answering “too many ” questions in a classroom, being “too smart,” obsessions with obscure or unpopular or complicated topics.

Asynchronous development or 2e-ness: quite advanced in some areas while being average or below in other areas, intellectual precocity along with learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory processing issues (SPD); social skill deficits, especially when communicating with same-aged peers.

Divergent thinking and creative unusualnesses: difficulty with…

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Gifted Women With Gifted Kids — Exhilarating or Exhausting?

Your Rainforest Mind

photo from Lars Plougmann, Flickr, CC photo from Lars Plougmann, Flickr, CC

What happens when a gifted woman has a gifted child? Is it a match made in heaven? Is it Exhilarating? Exhausting? Terrifying?


“As a mom of a gifted child, we walk a lonely, difficult and heartbreaking road on our unwavering quest to help our gifted children navigate through a world that does not understand them, within a society who often envies and resents them. Exhausted, we pray our gifted child will just come out on the other end with enough self-esteem to be able to live a happy, successful adult life.”  Celi Trepanier, Crushing Tall Poppies 

“I was a lonely and rejected gifted kid, and seeing the same thing happen to my kids is awful.” Anya Ward, Sceleratus Classical Academy

“We have a LOT of emotional OEs, and my youngest and I are like clones. She feeds off mine, I…

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Will either major party protect human rights after the Election?

UK Human Rights Blog

98845b6d-ba86-4e3b-9138-9bff8340a613-620x372“Our aim is a straightforward one”,  New Labour Party told us in October 1997 “[it is] to bring those rights home”. In 2000, the Human Rights Act came into force. For the first time, people in the UK had human rights which could be enforced in UK courts. The right to life, the right not to be tortured, to free speech. What was not to love?

If only it was that simple. 1997 seems a very long time ago. Now, in the final few hours before the 2015 Election, we see the major parties fundamentally divided on human rights.I haven’t written about the Election and human rights yet, mainly because I have been setting up a wonderful new human rights website, (more on that later).

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